About our High Drive Customers

I know this is usually where most stores tell you about themselves, but we aren’t most stores. We know that the real “about” is about you. 

We aren’t an average pet store, and our customers aren’t average dog owners.

First and foremost they are passionate about providing the very best in care to their dogs – everything from feeding them the very best food they can, ensuring they get veterinary care at the slightest sign something is “off”, to chiropractic appointments and physio.

We know you probably care for your dog a whole lot better than you do yourself, and we don’t blame you.

You’ve been entrusted to care for a very special soul and want them to have the very best life they can have.

What else makes our customers, High Drive customers? 

They believe to their very core that part of caring for their dog is respecting their heritage and what makes them special. 

They want to train them for dog sports and events that their dogs were bred to do. 

Not for the sake of titles (though those are nice!), but to recognize the relationship both dog and handler have invested in to reach their goals. 

To reflect the trust that their dogs have placed in their handler to accomplish those goals. 

And to give their dog a positive outlet for their natural doggy behaviors.  

We believe we are blessed with the best customers in the business, and that’s why we are so passionate about helping them reach their goals. 

About High Drive & Megan

Megan is the Owner of High Drive, and Mum to two wonderful Curly Coated Retrievers – Tess & Riggs. 

High Drive was born out of a frustration of not being able to find quality dog training equipment for dog sports. Frustration with asking staff members are normal pet stores about products, only to get blank stares in return. 

High Drive sets out to offer the very best in training and competition equipment for passionate dog sport enthusiasts. For handlers who want to be able to trust that the person at the other end of the conversation has actually used the products. 

High Drive also seeks constant input from trainers and experts in the field, and highly valued feedback from our front line customers as to what’s working best for them. 

So welcome to the un-pet store.

If you ever have any questions please drop us a line, we’re always here to chat and help you through your training hurdles.  

Megan High Drive

Welcome to the un-pet store! High Drive's main goal is to help handlers find the very best in dog training equipment. To help handlers reach their training goals...even the ones they're afraid to admit to themselves.

Megan Ritchie, Owner