How to choose a Hero Disc for your dog

There are a LOT of frisbee choices out there

Here's how to find the best one for your dog

Hero Disc has put together a couple of really great videos to help you choose a disc for your dog. 

Click on the videos below to watch.

We’ve also compiled some quick notes based on their recommendations some of our personal experience.

Size Advice

A quick note on sizing, Hero disc offers four sizes of disc:

        • 120 (diameter 4.75″)
        • 185 (diameter 7.25″)
        • 215 (diameter 8.5″)
        • 235 (diameter 9.25″)

Thes numbers represent the diameter of the discs in millimeters so in case you don’t do metric we’ve put the approximate inch reference above as well.

The 120 is for really tiny puppy’s or dogs only, I’d say under 10 lbs in weight.

If you have a small dog but a little bigger than that, the 185 or 215 size might be right. It’s a bit of a blend between what size your dog likes and what size you like. I prefer a little bigger as I find them easier to throw, but the smaller your dog the smaller you might need to get. (quick note my 50 lbs retriever can play with the 215 so “small dog” is relative).

If you have a medium to large dog you might want the 235 size. I find these easiest for me to throw, but again it depends on what the dog likes to play with as well. 

Quick notes from the video

If your dog has never played disc before try starting with a SOFTER disc, they may not be as durable but they will help them learn and build confidence while you figure out what disc is right for both of you.

        • Pup 120
        • SuperAtom K9 Candy Soft 185
        •  Sonic Xtra Freestyle 215
        • SuperSonic Taffy 215
        • Air 235
        • Xtra Distance SuperSoft 235
        • SuperAero Starlite 235
        • SuperAero K9 Candy 235

If you already know your dog has a really hard bite and that you are going to need something more durable, check out these options:

        • SuperAtom Firm 185
        • SuperAtom Ice Dye Firm 185
        • SuperSonic K9 Candy 215
        • SuperSonic Ice Dye 215
        • SuperHero 235
        • SuperHero Ice Dye 235
        • SuperStar 235
        • SuperStar Top / Bottom Swirl 235

What colour should I buy?

Disc colour can be more than choosing your favourite colour. As you know dogs don’t have the full colour range that people do so depending on the frisbee colour it might be easier for them to see and catch the disc.

I’d start by thinking about what type of surface you mostly play or train on. Grass is probably the most likely surface. So that’s important to keep in mind.


Remember when you throw the disc your dog it likely looking up at the sky. So the background they see might be a blue or grey.

Dogs see on the blue-yellow spectrum but they don’t see colour as saturated as we do.

So, we’ve put together these photos to give you an idea of what your dog might see. 

Top Left: Blue / Grey  – Sky Colour
Top Right: Tan  – Arena Dirt
Bottom Left: Black – Training Hall mats
Bottom Right: Green – Grass

Video Cheat Sheet


These discs are intended for interactive play only.

They are durable to withstand catching and throwing with your dog, and are not intended as chew toys, or for unsupervised play. 

As with any toy be sure to check your discs often for wear and tear and replace them when they are no longer safe for play.