How to measure for a Man Mat Semi-Slip Collar

What size semi-slip collar does my dog need?

That's a pretty common concern, so let's figure it out together

It’s not too scary – really!

So grab your measuring tape (or a string and some markers), and let’s get to it.

  1. Put the measuring tape around your dog’s neck around where you would like it to sit.
  2. Pull the measuring tape pretty snug, you want to measure the actual neckline, not all the floofy fur. 
  3. Write down the measurement where the two ends meet (or use your marker on the string to identify how wide their neck is – then use a regular measuring tape to figure out how long the string is)
  4. Compare your measurements to the table below.


For the semi-slip collar when it is tightened you want it to not slip off over your dog’s head, so we’d suggest using a narrower point of the neck. When the collar is not tightened (when the dog isn’t pulling on it) it will sit lower on the neck and be loose.

The measurements on the table are the collar’s maximum width, so you need a collar width on the table that is larger than your measurement. ie. if I measure 15″ I’d need to bump up to a size Large.