How to wash your sledding harness

What is the best way to wash my dog sled harness?

Eventually, my new harness will be muddy, or smelly, or just plain dirty - then what!

  1. Hand washing is best, so prep your tub or kitchen sink. A drain filter or stop is a good idea to catch any fur from clogging up your drain.
  2. Put cool to cold water in the sink with mild soap – dish or hand soap works well. Hot water will make your harness shrink – so use cool water only.
  3. Hand scrub the harness until you are satisfied you have the dirt and grime off.
  4. Using cool water rinse all residue soap and dirty water off the harnessĀ 
  5. Hang to air dry (hot dryer temperatures can cause shrinking)
  6. Once fully dry store in a dry place

Not cleaning related, BUT do be sure to check your harnesses frequently for any damage or wear.