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10 Foot Biothane Leash


In need of a long line for nosework, tracking, IPO, hiking or field training – look no further



Long Line Training Lead

Nosework & Tracking Biothane Leash

We know you’ll love these Canadian made biothane long lines. 

At 10 ft long they are a nice length for nosework, tracking, or IPO. They also work well for hiking or long line walking. 

Biothane’s waterproof properties means they are super easy to wipe clean or dry. They don’t pick up burrs, and won’t wear from catching on brush. 

Plus, the color holds fast despite repeated use!

This is ideal for a nosework leash or tracking leash as it doesn’t burn your hands, like nylon leashes. 

And they provide great grip to hold tight while your dog pulls you to source. 

These long lines are also great for practicing recalls, your dog can drag these behind them (giving you an emergency back up while training) without wrecking the line.  

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 2.5 in

Grey, Teal, Blue, Brown, Purple