ADANAC Skijoring Bungee Leash


It’s a snap to load up and hit the races with Adanac’s all-in-one skijor bungee leash. Just hook up and go!

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Spring into action with this bungee leash

Convenient all-in-one skijor tug line

This bungee leash can withstand anything the trails can throw at it.

Body strain on your dog and yourself is one of the biggest causes of injury for regular skijoring and canicross enthusiasts. This bungee reduces the risk of injury by absorbing the shock caused by the dog pulling. 

skijor or canicross in confidence with this awesome bungee leash.

It has a smoother feel which is great on the hands when you are shortening or lengthening your leash while passing other trail users. 

The bungee is nestled in the hollow core polyethylene rope. The rope is ultra-durable, offers better fray resistance than other materials, and does not absorb water so is resistant to molding and freezing. 

The solid brass snap ensures excellent working use even in the worst weather. 

Its ruggedly designed skijoring bungee leash will last you years – and works great for a one or two dog team. 

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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

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