ADANAC ZIMA Foam Padded X Back Harness


This harness outperforms when it comes to reaching your goals



Where tradition meets performance

Time tested x-back harness design, with performance technology

Get the best of both worlds with this sled dog harness. Proven sledding design cut for modern sledding dogs, light-weight quick-dry webbing, and closed-cell waterproof foam.

What more can you ask for? 

When covering long distances your dog will love how light this harness is, shaving over 20% of the weight of our Man Mat X-back, without giving up anything when it comes to durability.

This harness is designed with racing sled teams in mind, so harnesses are colour coded by size for ease when hooking up a larger team. 

A great choice for competitive racers and enthusiasts alike. 

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But what size do I order?

Additional information

Weight 275 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Harness Size

Large, Large-Extra-Long, Medium, Medium-Extra-Long, Medium-Large, Small, Small-Medium, X-Large, X-Small

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