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Hurtta Body Warmer


Super handy lightweight Hurrta dog coat to have around – warming coverall, medical recovery, pjs, sledding.



Lightweight coverall jacket

Hurtta Dog Body Warmer

Let your dog snuggle into these cozy pj soft coveralls.

Compared to other jackets the Hurtta Body Warmer provides a lot of body coverage without inhibiting your dog’s movement. 

This coat is made of t-shirt type material so is very soft and lightweight.

If you are looking for a winter jacket to fend off the cold this isn’t it – but it would make a nice fall or spring coverall for dogs that need something to take a little nip out of the air.

If you need a dog coat that can be worn with a harness – this one will do the trick! You can easily place your regular harness over top this jacket. However, please ensure that the zipper isn’t causing a pressure point under the harness – and is bothering your dog.

We think you'll agree, this jacket really shines as:

This will provide a little warming coverage before or after a run. It’s reflective tape inside will help slowly warm up or cool down your dog’s muscles.

Let’s face it, most dogs aren’t crazy about wearing a cone, and we know you feel terrible watching them bump into things and generally feeling miserable about life. 

For dogs that only need a minor deterant from bothering stitches the body warmer can be a great alternative.

Lightweight enough that most dogs can comfortably wear it around the house.

Not a great option for a spay or neuter surgery as that area is exposes for easier bio-breaks.

If your dog is always cold no matter how warm it is out, these can act as pjs for around the house or outside. 

They are a little more cost effective than custom made dog pajamas.

Again this jacket feels like t-shirt material, so while it isn’t intended for very cold weather, it can help take the chill out of the air and act as a windbreak for dogs that need a little bit of help.

Your sled dog heats up pretty quickly when working, so while most sled dogs don’t need any type of jacket while running we know sometimes seniors need a little bit of help.

If you have a senior, short haired breed, or dog dealing with medical hair loss – these jackets can provide additional protection against frostbite while keeping the risk of overheating low. 

how to measure for Hurtta coat
hurtta jacket measurement

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in
Hurtta Sizes

18XS, 20M