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Agility Traffic Leash


Finally, an agility lead that can stand up to everything your training center can throw at it



Traffic Agility Leash

Your new best friend in class

This biothane leash by North Range Dogs has been custom designed just for you. We want to offer you the perfect agility leash to use in your next training class.

We love North Range Dog’s other biothane dog leashes, and we wanted to be able to offer you something just as amazing for agility training.

Biothane offers a waterproof material, that’s easy to clean (so dust, dirt, mud, grass, and dog hair dust bunnies are no match). 

This traffic lead is a short one foot lead, so you have something to hold onto between runs, but it’s short enough to drop and leave on while working through sequences. 

It has been created with a flat handle – so there’s nothing for your dog to trip or get hung up on. 

We know dirt floor arenas and outdoor trials can run havoc on your gear; we believe your leash should be able to keep up to you wherever you go.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 2 × 2 in

Grey, Teal, Wine, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple