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Esla Kicksled Runners


Starting to slow down? It could be time to replace those old runners and get back in the passing lane.



Life starting to pass you by?

Time to update to a new set of runners

The snow runners that come with your Esla Kicksled should last you a season or two of regular use. If you’re finding the runners to be pitted from rocks & roots, or generally just not performing like they used to.

It might be time to put a fresh pair of kicksled runners on your sled to get it back up and running like normal.

The 3.5 cm Esla kicksled runners come standard with your sled. The 3.5 cm runners work well for trail use and some trail breaking. 

The 5.4 cm runners work best for consistent breaking of trail or lots of fresh snow.

If you’re unsure which you need, we’d suggest the 3.5 cm snow runners for most users.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 84 × 5 × 2 in
Runner Width

3.5 cm, 5.6 cm