HERO Air 235 Blem


Want an all around can’t go wrong Hero dog disc, give the Air a try. This dog safe frisbee is their best seller, and hugely popular with competitors!

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Hero Air

Hero's best selling dog safe frisbee

There is a reason the Air is Hero’s best selling dog safe frisbee.

It’s soft plastic is supple for dogs to sink into, making it a great choice for novice disc dogs. The lightweight plastic also makes it a nice choice for distance throws. 

And being Hero’s most economical disc it’s also a nice option to fill in your disc bag. For some of the competition games that require more disc (up to 8 for freestyle) it’s nice to have the option to fill your bag with some lower cost discs.

If you’ve started your dog on the Xtra SuperSoft, this can be a nice next step if the SuperSoft are lasting for your dog. Save a little money without giving up the soft supple plastic and lightweight features. 

Blem (Blemish) discs are simply discs that were stamped incorrectly. The manufacturer's error simply means we can pass on a lower price to you. So if you don't mind an incorrect stamp, save yourself a little, or buy an extra disc with your savings.

Want to know what your dog will see on the field, check out our dog vision photos below to give you an idea.

Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

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