HERO Air 235


Want an all around can’t go wrong Hero dog disc, give the Air a try. This dog safe frisbee is their best seller, and hugely popular with competitors!



Hero Air

Hero's best selling dog safe frisbee

There is a reason the Air is Hero’s best selling dog safe frisbee.

It’s soft plastic is supple for dogs to sink into, making it a great choice for novice disc dogs. The lightweight plastic also makes it a nice choice for distance throws. 

And being Hero’s most economical disc it’s also a nice option to fill in your disc bag. For some of the competition games that require more disc (up to 8 for freestyle) it’s nice to have the option to fill your bag with some lower cost discs.

If you’ve started your dog on the Xtra SuperSoft, this can be a nice next step if the SuperSoft are lasting for your dog. Save a little money without giving up the soft supple plastic and lightweight features. 

Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

Blue, Red, White

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