HERO Pup 120


Looking for the best disc for your puppy, the Hero Pup 120 is at the top of the podium



Get a jump start on your puppy's disc dog training

Pick up your puppy, immediately proceed outside, softly put down puppy in the grass, roll your Pup 120

Any questions?

You have big dreams for that little puppy, so we know you want to treat them right. 

Nothing says I love you puppy better than a Hero dog disc. This teeny-tiny frisbee is just what a growing pup needs to start off on the right paw. 

This little roller is at the top because of its luxurious soft plastic, that will entice your little bite machine to sink their teeth into it time after time. 

Let her play tug with you a little while holding it, some sliders across the ground, and a few rollers and you’ll be well on your way!

The Pup 120 was designed by Hero specifically for puppies and smaller dogs, so they can safely be introduced to this fun game. Your pup will likely outgrow this disc before they wear it out.

Sleep well little one, we have big disc dogging dreams for you 

All of the dog frisbees we carry are intended for interactive use and would not be considered safe as chew toys or when unsupervised. 

How cool is this!

What the frisbee colours look like to your dog

Real quick - Enjoy this sneak peek while you wait for yours to arrive

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

Blue, Green, White, Yellow