HERO SuperAero K9 Candy 235


This is a great all-around canine disc, so bring your Hero and get outside today



All around great frisbee for UpDog and league play

Toss, Tug, and Roll

This jack of all trade frisbee does it all!

Need a sic for your German Shepherd? This hard-working toy might just be the ticket!

Whether you are just starting or a veteran of league play this is a great all-around frisbee for outdoor interactive play.

This Hero SuperAero dog disc is heavier than the Xtra. We find the added weight helps newer throwers learn to get the spin and distance they want.

Like all the discs out of the Super plastic, these discs stand up really well to tougher biters, and last through a lot of toss and fetch sessions. 

This is not just some backyard toy (though it is a great one!) this is a seriously tough frisbee for training and competition.

Pick up yours today, and get UpDogging

How well can your dog really see your disc? This tool helps you pick a good contrasting colour for them to see.

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Additional information

Weight 121 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Orange, Red, Yellow