HERO SuperAero Starlite 235


Practical every day interactive dog-friendly frisbee for outside play



You'll want this durable disc for your next trip outside to the dog park!

We love this disc for handlers and dogs just getting started with disc dog games

Made of dog-friendly plastic (so no breaking and fracturing when your dog catches them), this is a great choice for an everyday backyard thrower. 

An easy choice for a new disc dogger looking to train and play with their dog. 

And…it makes a great toy for that family BBQ too! Get everyone involved in tiring out your busy pup. 

Significantly lighter than the SuperStar 235, but can still take a beating from those K9 teeth. Just watch your hands!

While this is a very durable disc it is intended for interactive play only; not as an unsupervised chew toy. Be sure to frequently check your frisbees for damage and replace them when necessary. 

Like all the Hero line discs it’s hard to go wrong. A great disc to start with and continue to build your throwing skills.

So pick up and disc and get outside with your dog today!

What does it look like to my dog?

Let's see this baby in action!

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Additional information

Weight 118 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Orange, Red, Yellow