HERO SuperAtom K9 Candy Firm 185


This is the best disc for small dogs with BIG attitude!



Little but mighty!

Just like your growing puppy or small dog, this disc can cover a lot of ground

This disc is soft for the dog to bite and pick up, but still very durable and puncture-resistant to stand up against those sharp puppy teeth! Yikes!

If your canine pal is a speed demon this is a great choice, the firmer plastic means you can throw the frisbee a little further than it’s softer counterpart. 

This is a competition standard disc for updog frisbee competitions, so as your skills grow with your pup you can grow right into UpDog Challenge.

When you need distance throws this small disc is going to be your best friend! Zoom zoom!

Now the really challenging questions - what colour to get?

Well there are two schools of thought, get a disc that will contrast against the surface your dog will be catching on (see our handy photos below to help you out with that); OR just pick your favourite colour!

I know you were really worried there, but would it really be High Drive if we didn't have a quick video to show you the frisbees in action?

I know, I know, too much information already…So if you’re still a little confused by what disc to buy here’s a little cheat…

Additional information

Weight 87 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Blue, Red, Yellow