HERO SuperAtom K9 Candy Soft 185


Want to get your puppy outside more, this sweet little candy atom is the perfect toy to start throwing.



Science has proven this to be the best toy for puppies

No nuclear fission necessary to figure out why we love this Hero dog frisbee

The Soft Atom is a great starter frisbee for your small dog or puppy. With its soft plastic, your dog will quickly learn how much fun it is to catch a thrown frisbee. 

Looking for a fun interactive outdoor toy for your small dog? No need to look further. Hero’s done their homework and created this atomic option

Just get your puppy outside, do a little mathematical calculation of speed, distance, velocity, and acceleration…who are we kidding, just get out there and play!

This disc stands up really well to heavy competition use but makes for a great everyday training frisbee. 

Your small dog will enjoy grabbing hold of this softer plastic, and you will LOVE its durability and puncture-resistant material.

Easy to throw for professional and beginner alike. 

Added bonus…

It stands up well to cold weather use! Extend your play season!

This disc is a quick and easy buy decision for your smaller dog just starting their frisbee training

Want to know how easy this frisbee will be for your dog to track?

We've got you covered!

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Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Blue, Yellow