HERO SuperHero 235 Blem


Are weak imitation disc’s your dog’s kryptonite? Then this tough dog frisbee is their superpower!



Hero SuperHero Disc

One Tough Dog Frisbee

Are you tired of discs that don’t last your play session? Give this SuperHero disc a try. This practically indestructible frisbee is made with Hero’s most durable plastic. 

However, that durability doesn’t come with a hard shell, it has a nice supple plastic for your dog to sink their teeth into.

This disc is a personal favorite, I love the durability and bright fun colors. And I’m sure you will too!

With a little more weight on this heavy duty dog frisbee it is a great selection for windy days; and many new disc players find the heavier discs easier to learn with. 

As with all Hero discs, they purpose built dog safe frisbees, causing the plastic to puncture rather than shatter when bitten. Don’t accept imitations! 

Blem (Blemish) discs are simply discs that were stamped incorrectly. The manufacturer's error simply means we can pass on a lower price to you. So if you don't mind an incorrect stamp, save yourself a little, or buy an extra disc with your savings.

Not sure what color is best for you dog – have a look below at our dog vision simulation photos to get an idea of what your dog sees.

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Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Light Purple, Red, Yellow