HERO SuperSonic Taffy 215


Can your Boston Terrier reach the speed of sound? Do they need a great outside toy to play with? Introduce them to the SuperSonic



Professional Level UpDog Challenge Competition Disc

As tough a training frisbee as you can get

For its size this disc packs in a lot of high-level performance!

A choice disc for dogs that like the 215 size for UpDog games. 

You can have it all with this disc, but how bad do you want it?  With bite resistance on par with the SuperStar, this fast-flying frisbee is a great interactive toy to play with outside. 

Your more sensitive dogs will like the softer feel of this plastic. And the smaller size works well for ladies and children with smaller hands. 

So get the dog mobile, your dog named Elsa and get down with some seriously fun dog training out at the park…and don’t forget your SuperSonic of course!

It’s going to rock your world!

How well do dogs see the frisbees?

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Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Blue, Red, White, Yellow