HERO SuperSwirl 215 Bottom Dye


A small dog frisbee with big attitude! This tough dog frisbee can stand up to everyday play and you’ll have a blast with the unique SuperSwirl disc designs.

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The Incomparable Small Dog Frisbee

You'll never be missed with this bottom dye Hero SuperSwirl Disc

The electrifying SuperSwirl is a lively choice as a small dog frisbee, or puppy frisbee for the hard playing pup in your life.

The unique bottom dye designs are ideal for hard contrast environments, where the dog has a hard time seeing the disc. The contrasting design incorporates colors that will stand out so it’s easier for your dog to hone in and catch the frisbee everytime.

Though it is small, this disc is might! This is a tough dog frisbee made with the same plastic as the Sonic taffy discs. 

This Hero dog disc will give you hours of fun playing frisbee with your dog! 

Order yours today and keep that puppy busy and out of trouble! 

Want to see how disc color affects how well your pup catches the frisbee, check out the photos below to get an idea of how the swirl design contrasts against different colored backgrounds.

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 1 in

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