HERO SuperSwirl Bottom Dye 235


A tough dog frisbee that’s as durable as it is fun!

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SuperSwirl Tough Dog Frisbee

Perfect for imperfect conditions

The Hero bottom dye SuperSwirl disc is the perfect disc when nothing else seems to be working.

Each disc has a unique and has multi-colored design, therefore it’s perfect for challenging training conditions.

The variable colors make it easy for your dog to spot in changing venues and lighting. The contrasting colors pop out against different backgrounds to allow your dog to lock onto the disc and catch it everytime!

You can’t go wrong with this practically indestructible frisbee designed by Hero disc. 

A heavy duty dog frisbee that outlasts your play session. 

It’s a flying disc dog toy that’s fun to play with, and a great choice for someone new to disc dogging and who wants a fun frisbee to play with.

Curious what this SuperSwirl frisbee will look like to your dog, look below…

Additional information

Weight 133 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

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