HERO Xtra Distance SuperSoft 235


Does your heart dog have a softer side? Here’s a great choice for your softer mouthed retrievers and sensitive souls.



Get in touch with your soft side

Your Golden Retriever can fetch long bombs all-day with this hero dog disc

This is an incredibly popular (and successful) frisbee for distance games. 

This lightweight frisbee is a perfect introductory disc for distance up dog challenge games.

Hero’s SuperSoft disc is ideal for dogs that have a softer bite, and those just beginning to learn this fun game.

The Distance model has the grippier plastic that makes it a little easier for the hooman to grab hold of and throw long distance. 

If you are starting to compete in some of the distance games or getting into league play this is the disc to pick up!

What does my dog see?

We’ve compiled some photos to show you what colours your dog see’s best when playing disc on different surfaces

So close you can almost touch it!

Feeling a little decision overload?

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Additional information

Weight 106 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

Blue, Orange, Pink, White