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KONG Bamboo


The Kong Bamboo – because you work hard to give your dog their best life

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All Hail the King!

Kong Bamboo Treat Dispenser

We’ve searched and tested the best interactive treat dispensing dog toys, and the Kong Bamboo came out as the undisputed Champion!

We spent our time and money testing these treat puzzle balls, so you don’t have to spend and guess which is best for you.

This Kong treat dispenser has just about everything we were looking for: 

  • Twist on top for easy filling and cleaning
  • Multiple holes that allow for steady reinforcement
  • Multiple sections to make treat dispersal slower
  • Durable enough to stand up to regular use and minor chewing.

The Kong Bamboo ball has three openings which allows for steady reinforcement of treats or kibble, however the raised ribbing around the hole makes it a little harder for food to fall out. 

Increasing the difficulty and lengthening play time for your dog.

The openings are on the larger side, so work best with larger treats or kibble (for the longest play time).

The natural wood appearance is appealing, but may be a little too alluring for dogs who love to chew.  However, the harder green interior plastic is very durable so if the worst happens it will prevent the toy from an untimely death. 

If your dog suffers from allergies and food sensitivities you’ll appreciate how easy it is to clean and empty the toy. So as you progress through a feeding trial or elimination diet you don’t have to worry about any remnants inside the ball setting you back to square one.

This toy is best suited for medium dogs, though there is no recommended size guideline.

We think dogs under 10 lbs may find it too large, and you might want to look for the Kong Dumbbell as an alternative. 

Additional information

Weight 425 g
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 6 in