KONG Classic


Does your busy doggo need something to keep them occupied when you leave for work? Try the Kong Classic, the most recommended interactive pet feeder.



Kong Classic

The world's most popular interactive pet feeder

If you’ve attended any training class, or read dog training books there’s about a 99.9% chance they’ve recommended the Kong Classic. As the king of interactive pet feeders, the kong classic can help you solve a lot of dog “problems”.

Does your dog:

  • Bark when you leave the house
  • Chew on your furniture
  • Jump on house visitors
  • Get nervous at the vet’s office
  • Have “accidents” in the house
  • Get bored with cabin fever
  • Beg when you’re eating your dinner

Well guess what, the Kong Classic can help!

What is your dog NOT doing when they are obsessing over their Kong? Everything above!

This truly is a toy worth it’s weight in gold.

Watch for our Kong guide to find out how to turn your dog into a perfect angel…well almost.

Available sizes and recommended dog weight:

  • Kong Classic X-Small (Up to 5 lbs)
  • Kong Classic Small (Up to 20 lbs)
  • Kong Classic Medium (15-35 lbs)
  • Kong Classic Large (30-65 lbs)
  • Kong Classic XL (60-90 lbs)
  • Kong Classic XXL (85 lbs and up)

How to introduce your dog to the Kong

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