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Are you busy with household chores – give your dog the mental stimulation they need with the Kong Gyro



Kong Gyro

Keep your dog engaged and occupied and give yourself a moments peace

Does your dog require your watchful eye to keep them out of trouble every waking moment?

Give them the gift of the Kong Gyro ball and keep that busy brain occupied! 

The Kong Gyro treat dispenser is a great choice for busy pet parents, the ball twists open and is very easy add treats or kibble.

Because the Kong Gyro ball twists open it’s also very easy to clean. This makes it a great interactive pet feeder for dogs who have allergy concerns or who are switching diets. 

This is a more challenging treat dispenser than some of the other ball options. The dog has to do a little more work to get the kobble out, moving both the red ring and blue ball. The blue ball also has a neck inside it that makes it more challenging than some of the other ball feeders.

A great choice for the dog that has figured out their other treat dispensing toys and is ready for the next step.

Best suited to small and medium sized breeds. 

Sizing Recommendations:

Small: Up to 40 lbs
Large: Over 35 lbs

Chloe in the video below is under 10 lbs and playing with the large Gyro.

Additional information

Weight 375 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

Large, Small