MAN MAT Hound Harness


Unconventional sled dog? Try the Hound Harness for running with your pal who loves to rip up those trails.



Life ain't nothing without a hound dog by your side

What's the best harness is for _____ breed

This is it! If you have a sled dog that just doesn’t fit the mold – this is the harness for them. 

A wonderful option for our pointers and hounds, so they can get out there running, scootering, biking, and whatever else we can dream up for them.

We know how much they hate to be away from your side – so now you can NEVER let that happen again. 

(There I told her Ben! Yesh!)

Dogs with deeper and wider chests will be more comfortable in this design that’s been tailored for their body type.

This harness has sturdy webbing and is padded for comfort around the neck and chest.

Whether you are just getting into urban mushing or are an experienced dog sledder – this is a great choice for your hard to fit K9.

So no excuses, pick up a harness today and get out there and enjoy some rover time.

Are you all about the details?

Us to...

Ok, you've convinced me, but what size do I get?

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

Large, Medium, Small



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