MAN MAT Tow Line Bungee


We love this well-designed tow line for kick sledding or dryland mushing with your small team

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The perfect small team tow line

Reduce strain on your dogs with this dedicated bungee

Protect your dogs with this small team tow line. It’s perfect for hooking up to a dryland cart, kicksled, bike, or other urban mushing vehicles. 

Created with small teams of 2-4 dogs in mind.

Connect one end to your vehicle of choice, the other to your tug line and dogs. The heavy-duty shock absorption will protect your most valuable pals.

We currently are only carrying small team tow lines, if interested for a larger team please contact us through our contact page.

You never know how long you’ll have to wait for a tow, so pick up yours today…just to be safe. 

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in