MAN MAT Wheel Dog Harness


Want the best harness for your malamute, or power puller?



Don't let your freight hauler be outshone

Our power pullers deserve some love - a special harness just for them

We can’t talk about the best dog sled pulling harness without talking about our amazing wheel dogs! Malamutes of the world unite!

These heavy-duty workers may not be fast, but boy do they get the job done. 

Man Mat has designed this specialty freight harness just for our power pullers. Those dogs that are clipped in close to the sled and provide the dog-power to really get a sled moving. 

That may not describe what you do today, but your workhorse dogs will love the challenge of towing your rig…or maybe even kids toboggan around the local trails. 

This harness is designed with a lower connection point that is perfect for vehicles that have lower hookups – sleds, kick sleds, dry land carts, and of course toboggans. They use the same x-back design, but the lower points keep the unnecessary downward pressure off of their back that a standard x-back would exert. 

So get your Malamute ready to hit the trail in style with this heavy-duty puller. 

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Pulling ability isn't dependent on size alone, but our harnesses are. So check out the sizing chart below.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

Large, Medium, Small