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Outward Hound Soft Fetch Flyer

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The Soft Fetch Flyer is a great option for dogs that are struggling to play with harder plastic discs.

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Floppy discs aren't just for computers

A durable fabric frisbee for dogs

Not all dogs are born to love hard plastic frisbees – the Outward Hound Soft Fetch Flyer might just be what your dog is begging.

This fabric disc is a great alternative for dogs that just aren’t crazy about regular competition frisbees. 

This Outward Hound frisbee is soft and flexible, but still great to throw (up to 100 feet).

Easy on gums and teeth for dogs that have had issues in the past. 

And added bonus – it floats! So it works great for dock diving or playing at the lake.

The nylon frisbee fabric is durable for regular catching and tugging. 

A rubber tube gives the edge structure so it flies well, but it also makes the frisbee a little easier on walls. So it’s a great choice for playing indoors as well. 

Only available in the 235 size, which works well for medium to large breed dogs.

If your dog is struggling to learn disc dog games or is showing hesitation to play with a regular frisbee, this is a great trouble shooting disc to see if it’s a training issue or disc issue.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1.25 in