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Outward Hound Treat Tumble


A Nina Ottosson Level 1 boredom buster – just what your sanity needs when you can’t give your dog your undivided attention



Crossword for your dog

Let Nina keep them occupied and out of trouble

Your dog’s creativity is legendary – maybe it’s time to put those smarts to good use.

The Nina Ottosson toys by Outward Hound are boredom busting champions. When you aren’t able to give your dog 100% of your attention, these treat dispensing puzzle balls can keep your dog’s brain engaged in a positive way.

Nina Ottosson toys are ranked by difficulty into three levels, the Treat Tumble is a Level 1 toy.

With two reasonably sized openings it is fairly easy for your dog to make their kibble or treats fall out of the ball.

There is no neck to the opening to make it more difficult for food to pop out, so this is a beginner level brain teaser for your dog.

If they haven’t played with a lot of puzzle toys or with treat dispensers this is a good starter option.

It will release food frequently rewarding your dog for engaging in playing with the toy. 

While the toy does not twist open, we still find it fairly easy to fill and empty. 

It also isn’t very difficult to empty and clean if your dog is going through a diet change or elimination diet. 

With a tough durable plastic shell it stands up well to rougher play and minor chewing.


Small: Under 15 lbs
Large: 15+ lbs

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in

Large, Small