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PETSTAGES Dogwood Stick


The Petstages wood stick is naturally flavored so your dog will LOVE chewing it and showing it off, you will love the peace of mind it brings you knowing they have a safe chewing outlet.



Petstages wood stick

Put your mind at ease giving your dog this safe edible chew stick

The Dogwood chew stick is the ideal alternative to the real thing. No need to worry about splinters or choking with this durable wood bone. 

Flavored with real wood, your stick loving pup will love the flavor!

A more durable plastic than the Nylabone Puppy bone, it’s a great step up for puppies who have outgrown the softer plastic. 

If your dog eats pieces larger than a grain of rice off of the Dogwood chew stick we recommend you move to a harder plastic chew bone.

Edible plastic chew bones for dogs are a great alternative to real bones for dogs with allergies or owners who are concerned about tooth damage. 

Recommended Sizing:

Petite/X-Small: Up to 15 lbs
Small: 6-25 lbs
Medium: 26-35 lbs
Large: 36-50 lbs

Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

Large, Medium, Small, X-Small