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PLANET DOG Orbee Snoop


The Orbee Tuff Snoop the perfect brain teaser for the dog that won’t leave your side. Let them work their brain while you Netflix and chill.



Orbee Tuff Snoop

When cabin fever hits it's the Snoop to your rescue

The Orbee Tuff Snoop will be your new go to toy – when your dog has a little more energy than you want to deal with, it’s the Snoop to your rescue!

Cold weather, injury, or work keeping your inside – the Snoop is your secret weapon to work your dog’s brain when you don’t have the time to physically tire them out. 

The soft rubber is ideal for apartments when you need to keep the noise level down. The flexible material is also a little kinder to antique furniture and hardwood floors.

It’s a great choice for dogs that aren’t power chewers or that play with it under supervision. However, bully breeds and power chewers may be better suites to the Kong Wobbler. 

Easy to fill and wash the Planet Dog Snoop is one of our favorites to recommend. Kibble and treats fall out quickly to start, then get trapped in the walls of the snoop making it more challenging as they continue to work.

Want to make it a little more difficult for your expert de-stuffer – add a Nook (or other small ball or Kong) in the center of the Snoop to add an extra challenge. 

planet dog orbee tuff snoop

Easy to fill and clean

small planet dog lil snoop

Recommended sizing:

Small: Under 20 lbs
Medium: Over 20 lbs

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in

Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red


Medium, Small