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Waterproof Dog Lead


This will soon be your favorite training & everyday leash – added bonus they look AMAZING!



Biothane Dog Lead

Your new favorite leash!

Your everyday leash – you know that piece of equipment that you use everyday but never really think about?

Yeah, us to. 

It’s time to upgrade your most used training tool.

These 6 foot leashes created by Canadian maker North Range Dogs have quickly become our favorite, and we know you’ll love them just as much.

These waterproof biothane leads are awesome for everyday training and use. 

They have a soft plastic coating that makes them waterproof – easy to clean and color that doesn’t fade with use. 

While a little heavier than a regular nylon leash we find it well worth the trade in weight. 

A perfect outdoor dog leash they are great to use in the winter when gloves make it hard to find the handle of your regular leash. The stiffer material makes it much easier to find and hold the handle with big bulky gloves.

In wet and wild weather the biothane offers a little better grip, and it dries instantly after a quick wipe with a cloth. 

It’s waterproofing also makes it an ideal hunting dog lead. It’s protective coat means burs and brambles won’t stick to it. 

And finally, in nice weather the biothane offers a great grip, so say goodbye to rope burn, knotted leashes, or dogs pulling them out of your hands!

Additional information

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2.5 in

Grey, Teal, Wine, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink